Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be


About My Practice

My specialty as a Holistic Health Practitioner is to provide “whole person” wellness management solutions that focuses on restoring the body back to a natural state of balance, using various modalities and mind/body solutions. I offer consultation in the following:

  • Comprehensive nutritional health evaluations
  • Mineral Analysis
  • Lifestyle management
  • Emotional well-being
  • Stress management

My Expertise

Maximizing your emotional well-being for optimal health.

  • Balancing body chemistry, low energy
  • Lifestyle Management; nutrition, communications
  • Emotional well-being; depression, stress, anxiety

My Philosophy

I firmly believe individuals should have access to an alternative means to their health, the challenges of every day living, and the stresses associated with change of balancing work and family life.

Holistic Health addresses the whole person – mind, body, spirit, to include emotions. A healthy body is one in which energy flows freely. When illness and disease arise the flow of energy is blocked; further causing the mind-body connection to become off-balanced.

Have you ever wondered how to best use supplements or herbal supplements to achieve your health goals? Whether it be to lose weight or gain energy or deal with a particular challenge? You may want to improve upon your listening, negotiating, or encouraging skills or build relationships. Together, we have the power to make profound changes to your overall well-being.

My specialty as a holistic health practitioner is to provide my clients with a comprehensive, customized, individual plan to achieve optimal health and lifestyle- today and over the long term.

What I Love About What I Do

I began my journey into Holistic Health after experiencing the tragic event of September 11, 2001. During this time, I crashed. I became extremely depressed, although I did not realize it at the time, stopped exercising and found emotional relief in comfort foods.

I then began experiencing trouble in my sleeping, was severely bloated, had major digestive discomfort and distress, chronic pain, emotional and mental confusion, fear, and despair. Thus I started searching for a better way to relief myself of the pain and despair I was experiencing. I enrolled in the study of Mind and Body medicine and began to regain my long lost energy, loose weight, and exercise.

Today, I am deeply passionate about assisting clients in natural and nutritional health, and inspiring others on a journey to self-healing and a healthy life style. My goal is to empower you toward the direction you want for your life, family, or future professional endeavors.

My process:

My initial consult with a client usually takes one to one and a half hours long. Together, we will take a complete health history by discussing your daily food habits, history of health, and the conditions you are currently experiences. We will then go over specific goals and come up with a plan to help you reach your goals. A Follow up appointment will vary depending on if more direct nutritional/lifestyle support is needed.

My Credentials

  • Masters in Public Health, Troy University
  • Specialized Diploma, Holistic Health Practitioner, GCNM
  • Board Certified Integrative Medicine, AAIM
  • Certified Culinary Inspiration Instructor
  • Certified International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA), Certified Sports Lifestyle Coach
  • Certified Breast Health Practitioner
  • Certified Holistic Stress Management Specialist
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach
  • Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management

I belong to the following professional associations:

  • International Sports Professionals Association
  • American Association of Integrative Medicine
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine
  • The International Holistic Practitioner Association
  • American Association of Drug~less Practitioners

Client Focus

Women, Adults Only (21-65 years of age)


None currently.


Taras NK Raggio, MPA, HHP
Life Science Practitioner
Voice: 703.636.4123

If you are under the care of a physician, please seek medical clearance prior to scheduling an appointment. Thank you.